Like many good things that happen when women get together, we created Foreign Policy Rising after an evening talking feminism, politics, and writing with a group of friends.

We discussed the underrepresentation of women in political journalism and the importance of getting diverse voices to speak up and speak out on issues of foreign affairs. We also considered why women feel resistance to voicing their own opinions and face resistance when they do. But most importantly, we wondered what we could do to support each other—and other women—in cultivating and sharing our opinions and solutions.

Foreign Policy Rising—an online platform and a real-life community—was the result of those conversations. By providing women with writing support, mentorship and a platform to showcase their ideas, we aim to increase, elevate, and amplify women’s voices in international affairs.

We invite you to join us in our mission and help us enrich our global debates.

Madeline McSherry
Founding Editor-in-Chief